In the past I wasn’t interested in painting and drawing actively, but a sudden change of plans in my academical career altered everything back in 2013. However, I’m working on my skills and styles as often as I can now. My goal is to create my very own comic.

Fan Art

Like many other artists of this realm I draw fan arts to show my love to my favorite franchises. By now, few years has passed, my skills improved a lot, and I’m participating with many talented artists and writers in different fan zines and art books. 

You can find my artworks on different social media websites:

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Fan Zines

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some great fanzines. Together with many wonderful artists and authors, we created extraordinary books that expressed our passion for the franchise in both pictures and words.

If you would like to see my art in a particular zine or produce a zine yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me. Even if I don’t know the franchise. Maybe this will give me the chance to discover a whole new universe.

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Toss a coin to your artist

If you like my illustrations and want to support me, you’re welcome to spend some coins on me. Wether it’s a small sum or a big one you’re helping me to make a living out of my art. I accept different kinds of crypto currencies:

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