Following conditions are for private commissions.

What you can purchase:
A digital artwork.
For the last few years I have mostly drawn digitally. It is the most versatile medium and you don’t need to worry about transport damages.

Usually I am using following canvas sizes:
3541x5016px (which equals DIN B4 at 350dpi)
2894x4093px (which equals DIN A4 at 350dpi)
If you need a certain format I can provide you with any up to 4k resolution.

You will receive the final product as *.TIFF, *JPG or *.PNG file.

These resolutions are high enough to be printed as a DIN A4 image that is viewed from a short distance or a DIN A2 poster, which is put up on the wall.

What will it cost:
Since every illustration has a different level of complexity, it is hard to give an exact price list. A drawing of a dragon with countless scales needs more time than a smiley face with no background. Thus, I can only set illustrative starting prices, because every commision needs to be treated individually. Down below you can find three pricing categories with artwork examples.

starting from
Inked Illustration
You will get a black and white illustration
100 €
Full-color Illustration
Full blown illustration. You will get everything I offer.
350 €

If you have any questions or something is not quite clear, feel free to get in touch with me and we will figure it out. Any special requests that are not covered by the explanation above can also be discussed in a private exchange.

Commercial Use:
The above only applies for private commissions, since these artworks are done for just personal use. If you intend to use my work commercially, please send your request directly via email I will get in touch with an estimate of the projected costs.