We’re Atori-e and love to tell visual stories.


Artists Infos

Atori-e is a joint art-project by Christine Mai and David Clausmeier. We both are university students with backgrounds in different humanities and are living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For the past few years, we were realising Atori-e as a hobby in our spare time. Whilst still on a tight schedule, we recently decided to pursue a more serious approach trying to improve our work in order to achieve a professional level.

Our main focus lies on the visual narration of entertaining stories with influences of different comic genres. But in general, we are working with multiple media including video, photography as well as traditional and digital painting, as we don’t want to bind us to a particular format. Most importantly, we hope that some of you might find a moment of joy and liking when experiencing our work. So dear traveller – go on and have fun.


Any Questions?

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